Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo (born 9 April 1933 – 6 September 2021) was a French actor initially associated with the New Wave of the 1960s. Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, west of Paris, Belmondo did not perform well in school, but developed a passion for boxing and football. Belmondo made his amateur boxing debut on 10 May 1949 in Paris, France, when he knocked out Rene DesMarais in one round. Belmondo's boxing career was undefeated, but brief. He won three straight first round knockout victories from 1949 to 1950. His breakthrough role was in Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless (1960), which made him a major figure in the French New Wave. Later he acted in Jean-Pierre Melville's philosophical movie Leon Morin, Priest (1961) and in Melville's film noir crime film The Fingerman (Le Doulos, 1963) and Godard again with Pierrot le fou (1965). With That Man From Rio (1965) he switched to commercial, mainstream productions, mainly comedies and action films but did appear in the title role of Alain Resnais' masterpiece Stavisky (1974), which some critics regard as Belmondo's finest performance. Until the mid-1980s, when he ceased to be one of France's biggest box-office stars, Belmondo's typical characters were either dashing adventurers or more cynical heroes. As he grew older, Belmondo preferred concentrating on his stage work, where he encountered success. He suffered a stroke in 2001 and had since been absent from the stage and the screen until 2009 when he appeared in Un homme et son chien (A man and his dog) which was his last performance. Belmondo died on 6 September 2021 at his home in Paris, after a period of ill health, at the age of 88. Description above from the Wikipedia article Jean-Paul Belmondo, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

Known For: Acting

Birthday: 1933-04-09

Place of Birth: Neuilly-sur-Seine, Seine [now Hauts-de-Seine], France

Also Known As: Жан-Поль Бельмондо, Жан Поль Бельмондо, 장 폴 벨몽도, Jean Paul Charles Belmondo, Bébel

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Jean-Paul Belmondo Movies

Mississippi Mermaid 1969
The Professional 1981
Pierrot le Fou 1965
That Man from Rio 1964
Is Paris Burning? 1966
Le Doulos 1962
Hunter Will Get You 1976
Stuntwoman 1977
Borsalino 1970
The Outsider 1983
Le Guignolo 1980
The Brain 1969
Swords of Blood 1962
Greed in the Sun 1964
The Burglars 1971
Happy Easter 1984
Fear Over the City 1975
Hold-up 1985
Cop or Hood 1979
A Man and His Dog 2009
Incorrigible 1975
Stavisky... 1974
Up to His Ears 1965
A Man Named Rocca 1961
Léon Morin, Priest 1961
Les Miserables 1995
Famous Love Affairs 1961
Half a Chance 1998
Scoundrel in White 1972
Magnet of Doom 1963
The Body of My Enemy 1976
Stranger in the House 1992
Sunday Buddies 1957
Amazon 2000
Ace of Aces 1982
Love Is a Funny Thing 1969
Desire 1996
Crime on a Summer Morning 1965
The Thief of Paris 1967
Weekend at Dunkirk 1964
The Inheritor 1973
The Pariah 1972
Ho! 1968
God Chose Paris 1969
The Three Musketeers 1959
La Puce à l'oreille 1996
Crazy Sea 1963
Tender Scoundrel 1966
Backfire 1964
Trapped by Fear 1960
Belmondo, itinéraire... 2011
The Lovemakers 1961
The Magnificent One 1973
The Vultures 1984
Breathless 1960
The Loner 1987
Two Women 1960
Peut-être 1999
A Monkey in Winter 1962
The Cheaters 1958
Actors 2000
Seven Days… Seven Nights 1960
Banana Peel 1963
Letters of a Novice 1960
L'Aîné des Ferchaux 2001
Belmondo, le magnifique 2017
Kean 2007
Belmondo by Belmondo 2016
Cyrano de Bergerac 1990
A Woman Is a Woman 1961
The Big Risk 1960
Sweet and Sour 1963
À double tour 1959
Sunday Encounter 1958
Male Hunt 1964
An Angel on Wheels 1959
The Shortest Day 1963
Be Beautiful But Shut Up 1958
D'un film à l'autre 2011
Riviera-Story 1961
Love and the Frenchwoman 1960
La traversée du désir 2009
Casino Royale 1967
The Woman Is a Stranger 1968