Ayame Misaki

Ayame Misaki

Ayame Misaki, born Tsuzaki Ayame, is a Japanese actress and model. She originally debuted in magazines of gravure and variety shows, then later working as an actress.

Known For: Acting

Birthday: 1989-04-26

Place of Birth: Kobe, Japan

Also Known As: Ayame Tsuzaki, 水崎綾女

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Ayame Misaki Movies

Judas 2013
Saitama Kazoku 2013
Radiance 2017
Born Bone Born 2018
The Graveyard Apartment 1970
Avec Punch 2011
Hikinzoku No Yoru 2014
Man in Phone 2015
Girl's Blood 2014
Bungo: Stories of Desire 2012
One Son 2018
Ain't No Tomorrows 2008
Sense of Sentiment 2018
Attack on Titan 2015
ReLIFE 2017
Tomorrow's Dining Table 2021
A Crowd of Three 2010